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Unlike other lists in this vein, we're not simply going to pick our favorite scary movies and plug in their action figures – toy-making is its own art. We show you the creepiest action figures ever in this funny Smosh gallery! creepy figures wonder woman scary action figure superman. Every kid knew that there was an inherent risk in asking Santa for an action figure , because parents usually figured that as long as it had the.


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Army of Darkness Necronomicon Journal. The most recent entry on this list deserves special praise for actually being scarier and more disgusting-looking than its onscreen counterpart. The Rocky Statue in Philadelphia. Twister Fairy Tales - Humpty Dumpty As if this figure's gruesome, bloated, rotting facade wasn't enough, it bastardizes a beloved children's fairy tale. This is why horror collections play with the tone of the collectibles. Cartoons Smosh Games Forums Music.